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XXXII Escuela de Salud Pública de Menorca
Del 20 al 29 de septiembre de 2021
(Llatzeret de Maó, Menorca)
Institut Menorquí d'Estudis - Camí des Castell, 28 - 07702 Maó (Menorca) - Tel. 971 351500 -

The Pandemic Treaty: how should it regulate the global sharing of intellectual property (IP), know-how and medical technology (ONLINE)

Ellen 't Hoen. Medicines Law & Policy
Knowledge Ecology International
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Develop a solid background document with recommendations for how IP, know-how and technology transfer should be addressed globally in the treaty text and which legal underpinning would be needed. The organisers will do this by bringing together a group of experts with experience relevant to the topic.

Working method: one or two background papers for the meeting will be commissioned from 2 experts who will also attend the meeting. These background papers will form the basis of the discussion on key recommendations for specific provisions on IP, know-how and technology transfer for inclusion in the Pandemic Treaty.

The outcome of the meeting will be published as a briefing document for country delegations to inform treaty negotiations and form the basis for a paper in an academic publication aiming to shape expert opinion on the pandemic treaty. We will engage with a journal (for example BMJ Global Health) ahead of the meeting to secure interest in such a publication.

Participants will be about 20 experts from all regions of the world. They will include experts in the field of intellectual property law and international treaty law, global health, pharmaceutical regulation, and pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacture. Participants will also include some diplomats involved in the pandemic treaty negotiation and representatives of relevant multilateral organisations.



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Institut Menorquí d'Estudis - Camí des Castell, 28 - 07702 Maó (Menorca) - Tel. 971 351500
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